Bitcoin Halving


What is Bitcoin Halving ?

Bitcoin Halving is a feature or system programmed into bitcoin, and occurs every 210,000 blocks - four years.

Once that number is crossed, the block reward is cut in half. This process is referred to as a “halving,” and it can have long-term effects on the price of Btc

its an event that halves the rate at which new Bitcoin is created in every 10 minutes. It happens every 4 years.

It performs because producing new coins becomes more difficult just like a gold mining where finding new deposits becomes more challenging over time.

A block is added to a Bitcoin blockchain on an average. Of approximately every 10 minutes.

According to history of Bitcoin HalvingThe price has always being positive

The next halving will take place in may 2020. It’s when the current block reward of 12,5 Bitcoin every 10 minute’s will be cut In half to 6,25 Bitcoin.


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